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If you haven’t heard from LightPulp in a while and it is only because I have been busy over the last two months re-designing the website. Today we are glad to announce that the work is finished and it is ready for everyone to see.


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We’ve Got a New Website!

The portfolio and the list of services have outgrown the old design. It’s been a long time coming, but it the updated website design is finally here. I couldn’t be more excited to announce to you that updated LightPulp website is live with a ton of new features and content.

New design offers much more that just a portfolio — it is now also a communication device. LightPulp is a wedding photography service that is built on interaction with clients — your feedback and suggestions are considered with great regard. I have therefore made it easier for a visitor to get in touch and leave feedback with a number of contact forms sprinkled all around.

Apart from that I have expanded the content to include frequent updates, testimonials and promotions. From now on I will post articles that would be helpful for the engaged couples in respect to hiring photographers, planning your big day with photographer in mind, and other general tips.