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Wedding Photography Pricing

Above are the main three most popular packages that LightPulp offers. However, as much as they are set packages they are also guides. Being a collection of separate services they are easy to adjust to fit any restrain and budget. For instance, if you have design experience and want to make your own printed wedding album it can be easily removed from the package and the price is adjusted accordingly. Alternatively, that photo album can be added to another package just the same.

Travelling: the initial 30 miles are include in the price package.

We understand that communication is key for a successful relationship of any kind, ergo we are always available for a consultation or advice regarding Wedding Photography. Feel free to contact me on the phone or email. If I am not immediately available on the phone I try my hardest to get back to you on the same business day.


Promotion is applicable with every Gold Package wedding booked before December 31st, 2014. Great way to improve your wedding album and get comfortable being around a photographer without any extra expenses. £100 value.

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