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LightPulp Wedding Photography is constantly evelving. I like to keep my service up to date in respect to modern technology, internet, and latest developments in the bridal world. This page is not only where I document said process, but also contemplate on the feedback and suggestions I receive from the couples I get to work with and all the people I get to meet along the way.

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If you haven't heard from LightPulp in a while and it is only because I have been busy over the last two months re-designing the website. Today we are glad to announce that the work is finished and it is ready for everyone to see.

New online gallery template has been added to LightPulp packages. Glasgow offers a full-screen experience that allows for your wedding photos to be shown on any computer screen to any of your friends and relatives anywhere with internet connection.

One of the latest additions offered by LightPulp Wedding Photography is designed to be the most helpful. Online RSVP functionality is made to save the wedding couple tons of energy, money and time.