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One of the latest additions offered by LightPulp Wedding Photography is designed to be the most helpful. Online RSVP functionality is made to save the wedding couple tons of energy, money and time.


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New Feature – Online RSVP

I have decided to add Online RSVP service after numerous requests from the brides and the response so far has been overwhelming.

Being one of the most tedious parts of wedding preparations, using an online form for RSVPs is bound to save a great deal of time and work for the wedding couple, and therefore stress. Designing, signing, sealing the envelopes and mailing the forms can take days and that is only the beginning. When the responses start rolling in you have to sift through travel arrangements, the dietary requirements, as well as guests lists.

Now this can all be done using a simple form on your wedding details’ site that is included in the Golden package or, alternatively, can be added to any other package for a small additional fee of £50. We live in a modern age and there is no reason not to use the available internet technology to our advantage.