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New online gallery template has been added to LightPulp packages. Glasgow offers a full-screen experience that allows for your wedding photos to be shown on any computer screen to any of your friends and relatives anywhere with internet connection.

Glasgow – New Template

This template was first designed for a couple who’s wedding I took pictures of in Glasgow, hence the name.

Glasgow template is essentially a miniature website. All the photos are split into respective categories which effectively become separate pages. The comment section is there for your visitors to leave wishes and feedback to the newlyweds.

This gallery template works on any desktop/laptop computer as well as any modern mobile device with internet connection.

Below are some screen grabs from the template, but I encourage you to go and have a look at the feature in person here.

Glasgow - front page with comment section that is usually hidden below the foldGlasgow - individual album pageGlasgow - individual image close-up