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How far are you willing to travel?
It really depends on each individual case, thought I am yet to turn down a wedding because of it’s location. While I am based in Brighton, I have been booked for weddings as far as in Cambridge and Glasgow. Please keep in mind that because of personal circumstances I do not drive and travel mainly via public transportation, airplanes and sometimes rentals (with help from an assistant). 30 miles’ travel is included in every package. Everything beyond that is an additional charge. 
Do you work alone?
 I feel as comfortable working on my own as I do with an assistant. Sometimes, after meeting with the client or after seeing the venue, if I realize I will need a lot of equipment I will bring an assistant to help me with transportation or shooting from other angles when I need to be somewhere else. From my experience and even the weddings I have been to as a guest I have learned that assistants can be an obstruction almost as much as they can be helpful.I employ a personable approach when shooting my weddings and always try to get in the middle of the action. That rids me of the necessity to log giant lenses around and, therefore, the need for a “caddy”. 
Can we adjust packages?
You sure can. Wedding Packages are more or less suggestions based on my experience. Each package consists of elements that have proven to work together and fit certain financial brackets. If you like all the contents bar one, or want to add to it, it can be easily done and the price will change accordingly.
How long do you keep the original files?
Upto 1 year. I have taken as many as 2,000 images in one wedding before. Retaining all of them for longer than 1 year requires a lot of harddrive space and therefore money. I run a rather tight ship here and keeping files forever is virtually impossible.