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Thank you for stopping by LightPulp Wedding Photography. The following text will try to describe what LightPulp does and why you should choose us to cover your special day.

LightPulp is a dedicated wedding photography service based in Brighton, East Sussex. It offers a professional, creative, flexible, and friendly service that meets the needs of any couple. I am dedicated to my work and have travelled as far as Glasgow, Scotland to do wedding shoots. I am proud to be able to provide a high quality service that is flexible and affordable at the same time.

The quality of my work has been affirmed by consistently great results and enthusiastic feedback from clients. You may have come here though a wedding gallery from a recent wedding or a recommendation from a friend. Word-of-mouth is the main source of LightPulp’s clientele.

Who is behind LightPulp?

LightPulp Wedding Photography is run by me, Oleg Pulemjotov. I am an experienced photographer and a graphic designer with over 6 years of practice. I have a keen eye for stylistic imagery and apply my knowledge in both fields to every photograph that I take, as well as every other aspect of my service.

Russian by descent, I was born in Estonia, received university education in America and have been in England since 2008. Travelling and working in many different places has given me good communication skills and an easy-going, open minded personality. I always look for ways to diversify my service, it is what keeps LightPulp alive and keeps me meeting the beautiful couples I get to work with and the people I meet along the way. I enjoy being a part of the wedding day as much as I enjoy geeking out with a camera and my computer. I personally believe the rapport built with the couple is just as important as the skill behind the camera. It is my aptitude for both that got me interested in this line of work and the reason I enjoy my job.

What services does LightPulp offer?

From the very first contact with the couple my ultimate goal is to establish a long-term relationship and trust where we could work together all the way from the engagement shoot to newly born to family portraiture.

LightPulp’s main feature is the use of multi-media which enhances each photography package. I keep my services up-to-date with the latest developments in online and mobile technology which allows you and your guests to be able to access your wedding photographs from any part of the world using something as small as a smart phone. I also offer bespoke wedding websites, allowing your guests to view all the important information before and after the wedding day.

Covered Areas.

I am based in Brighton, UK but I am happy to travel throughout East Sussex and to other areas including, but not limited to: West Sussex, London and Hampshire. I have even shot weddings in Glasgow, Cambridge and Liverpool, proving distance is not a restriction when it comes to choosing a photographer you trust.

LightPulp Wedding Photography style

LightPulp’s style successfully incorporates reportage, classic and contemporary wedding photography with an artistic edge. With an eye for composition and the ability to quietly and unobtrusively reach the desired angle, I have been complimented on my skill to take beautiful pictures with interesting perspectives and an eye for detail. I also work quickly and efficiently to achieve a more spontaneous and natural feel to the images. This also enables you spend more time with your guests and eliminates any long and tedious posing.

The time I spend behind the computer also has a lot to do with the style of the final result. Every client is treated as an individual, so when editing the photos I take into consideration the theme, mood and atmosphere of the wedding, which allows for exquisite and distinct wedding photos that capture the day in the most truthful way.